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Regional Solar

Solar Passive designs are often underwhelming, when combined with architectural excellence and natural materials they are breath-taking. Using a combination of timber, stone and steel we have created a design that far exceeded the clients expectations, whilst following all planning guidelines. 

• Split Home: Building a large home is an expensive exercise but when designed correctly to meet the clients brief, it can be staged and efficient. Designed as two homes in one, with the main dwelling overlooking the property and the secondary dwelling. 

 Materiality: Dark tones, combined with striking stone cladding and native vegetation has lead to a home that blends into its surroundings and provides the owners with a sense of immersion from all corners of the design.

• Light, light and more light: A dark design shouldn't be dark inside. With strategically positions windows, skylights and voids, this home will never feel gloomy.

• STATUS: Under Construction by Owner
• ETC: 2025

Designed by: David Tomic 


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