Our Process & Services

Our services are individually tailored to represent your needs. You can select from one or all of our services below.

So, it doesn't matter if you're looking for a simple residential project or a major commercial development. We have the skills and experience to help you achieve your goals. 

The Process


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Here we begin the design process. There are four main stages of design, with a few sub-categories. Sketch, Design Development, Final Design with 3D visualisations, and Working Drawings. We are mindful of your financial  investment and are constantly reviewing it throughout every stage.



Planning Approval

After we create a design you love during Sketch stage, we progress to Design Development drawings. During this stage we coordinate and liaise with the required council to get your project through with minimal compromise.


Documentation & Specifications

Based on your sign off and Council planning approval, we produce a detailed set of construction drawings and specifications to meet your every desire.



We can tender your project to reputable builders; ensuring you get the best price possible. Or we can work directly with your preferred builder.



Once we've reviewed the tender results, selected a builder and finalised the drawings, things begin to move quickly.


Contract Administration

From construction inspections to contract administration, we can manage the build for you and ensure it is constructed the way it was intended in a timely manner.

Services Summary



  • Presentation drawings

  • Drafting and Working drawings

  • Design Development

  • 3D Technology

  • Product Specification and Documentation

  • Energy Efficiency Compliance

  • Contract Administration/Project Management

  • Interior Design


  • Obligation free initial consultation to discuss your ideas.

  • Prepare sketch plans based on your brief, budget and site considerations. These can be adjusted, and finer details added following further consultation with you.

  • From sketch plans prepare more detailed preliminary plans with photo realistic 3D perspectives and animated “walk throughs”.

  • Liaise with Interior designers, Engineers, Surveyors and other consultants.

  • Obtain all relevant council approvals. Prepare detailed working drawings and specifications for builders.

  • Tender plans to builders to obtain the best value quote.

  • Assess all tender documents and prices.

  • Undertake contract administration and progressive site inspections.

  • Owner – Builder liaison.

  • Final signoff and handover.

  • Commitment to be here for you in the future.


  • Innovative designs and construction options.

  • Presentation drawings and perspectives.

  • Animated photo realistic presentations of proposed construction including fly overs and internal tours.

  • Engage consulting engineers and liaise as required.

  • Full architectural documentation as required by council.

  • Detailed architectural working drawings for builder use.

  • Accurate tendering of projects to selected builders.

  • Contract administration (Project Management) and site inspections.

  • Final Handover report.

  • Commitment to be here for you in the future.

Feasibility Studies

  • Land Subdivision

  • Strata Developments

  • Renovate existing buildings

  • Low or High Density developments

  • Project research

  • Construction budget guides

  • Local authority requirements