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Shutter House

Creatively designed across three levels, Shutter House has been cut into the side of a man-made hill and positioned in such a way to only appear as a two-storey design from the street. Shutter house's brief required a private sanctuary, with cascading planters and expansive views.

• Cut in: From what was a man-made hill, to what will be a basement garage, wine cellar and spare bedroom.

• Lightweight: Predominately timber framed design with MasterWall Concrete cladding, and steel planter boxes ensure this house looks and feels strong without the burden of concrete construction.

 Sustainable: Shutter house is an excellent representation of what CBD Architects are about. It has been designed with true sustainability in mind - that is, architecture of enduring value. It has been designed a a comfortable space for wellbeing and great living, across generations. 

• STATUS: Design Development
• Construction Commencement ETA: 2025

Designed by: David Tomic

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