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Rise House

Mixed-use, post pandemic living. Commercial on the ground floor with a multi-storey residence above, topped off with a roof top terrace. 

• Mixed-use: Post pandemic many are still working from home, or enjoyed the perks of working from home. This Fremantle development takes it to the next level by incorporating a fully functional commercial tenancy on the ground floor which is aimed to be used as the home base for the owner. 

• Rise: Rise has been appropriately named as CBD Architects were required to "rise" to the challenge. A incredibly difficult triangle shaped block with strict planning requirements meant that this home had to be incredibly well thought out. 

• Insulated Concrete: Designed to use insulated concrete panels as the primary construction methodology, paired with insitu concrete features, Rise will become an iconic landmark in Fremantle. 

• STATUS: Council Approved
• Construction Commencement ETA: Unknown

Designed by: David Tomic

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