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CBD Architects Esperance bespoke residential home by David Tomic_edited.jpg

Ocean Lifestyle

What you are looking at right now will soon be Western Australia's next country home of the year. Designed by our very own David Tomic, this home features unprecedented views of the oceans whilst towering over the shoreline. This simple two storey design isn't bricks and mortar, it is pure concrete and stone! 

• Double Storey Voids: High ceilings are one thing, double storey ceilings are another! With double storey ceilings in the main entertaining space, windows from floor to ceiling, this will be one game of pool you'll never forget.

• Possible in precast: A flat roof is difficult to achieve, but in concrete it is possible. A unique drainage system feeds the water through the house and away from any problems. 

• See through: The number one objective of this home was for it to be see through, but not in the sense you might be thinking. The client wanted to be able to see the ocean from every angle within and around the home.

• STATUS: Under Construction
• ETC: 2025

Designed by: David Tomic 

Interior renders provided courtesy of Minted Elevated Living


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