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Multi-Award Winning

Western Australia's 2017 Country Home of the year (over $1,000,000) speaks for itself. Winning not only Country Home of the Year, this beautiful home also took out home the MBA John Truman Award.

• 5 Bedroom: When you want the kids to come home every weekend, you build a house big enough to host everyone. Our clients live their daily lives together with their dogs, but every second day a child or a grandchild always pops in to say hello. On the weekend's the house is alive with family life. 


• 4 Bathroom: It’s very difficult to co-ordinate a large family when it comes to bath time. So, to keep the peace and spend as much time together as possible, we filled this house with enough bathrooms to accommodate half the family at any given time.

• 3 Stories + Full Timber Framed: Sustainability was important to our clients, living the south-east made it imperative to build with sustainable and easy to access materials at the same time. 

Designed by: Robert Forgione

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