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Modern Hamptons

Our clients often ask us for modern Hamptons, but rarely are they prepared for the level of detail and forward thinking they receive! This interpretation of modern hamptons by Lead Architect David Tomic will soon see construction commence with one very happy client.

• Grand Spaces: Raking ceilings inside the main living spaces allow for large volumes of natural light to flood the users experience. With multiple interior living areas, light became a critical design feature.

 Maintenance Free: With our client wanting a maintenance free home, we have opted for all exterior claddings to be pre-finished, allowing our clients to bin their paint brushes.

 Family First: A large home that feels just right. When the whole family comes to stay, you want your own space, but when everyone isn't their you also want your home not to feel empty. Create space design allows for this house to open and close and it needs too.

• STATUS: Construction
• ETC: 2023
• Builder: Partington Building Company

Designed by: David Tomic

Interior Renders and design by Minted Elevated Living.


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