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Lord Street Apartments

Surrounded by beautiful heritage architecture, it would be a shame to design anything but sympathetic architecture.

• Local Inspiration: Through the DRP design process, Lord Street Apartments took on a new form, one which appropriately transitions down to the lower levels and also blends with the surrounding context.

• Dig deep: Parking is always a challenge on small sites. In order to maximise the yield and ensure a profitable development, we decided to dig a little deeper than usually to allow for basement parking via car stackers. 

• Challenges: Not every projects goes exactly to plan, Lord Street is an example of that. After multiple rounds of DRP with the council, the form continued to change and improve until the City was completely satisfied with the proposal. The proposal has been formally approved via SAT and JDAP. 

• STATUS: Council Approved.

Designed by: David Tomic and Roberto Forgione

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