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What was once old

Alterations and Addition projects can be overwhelming, but when done right, they can be the most rewarding experience. What was once a small cottage home has now been transformed into the perfect growing family home.

• Renovation of Existing Kitchen: When you purchase a beautiful old cottage home, the modern lifestyle of open plan living and entertaining usually doesn't go with it. That's why we created a lively new space for our clients to entertain.

• Home Extension: A small family still needs their space. 

• Indoor/Outdoor connection: Being inside all day will drive even the best of us insane. The client wanted to bring natural to them when they couldn't go to nature.

• Heritage Renovation: Just because it is a heritage home doesn't mean it can't be modern, spacious and vibrant. 

• STATUS: Completed.

Designed by: Robert Forgione​ (Lead Designer)

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