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Cascade House

Cascading planters wrapping around the front balcony define Cascade House as it overlooks the Esperance coastline. This modern coastal design combines traditional design elements with CBD Architects true sustainability approach. 

• Planters: Cascading plants specifically selected to last in the coastal environment provide a unique elevation for Cascade House.

• Time testing: Predominately timber framed design with rendered cladding, and concrete planter boxes, ensure this Cascade House looks and feels strong without the burden of full concrete construction.

 Sustainable: Cascade house is an excellent representation of what CBD Architects are about. It has been designed with true sustainability in mind - that is, architecture of enduring value. It has been designed a a comfortable space for wellbeing and great living, across generations. 

• STATUS: Construction Ready
• Construction Commencement ETA: 2024

Designed by: David Tomic

Interior Design and Interior Renders by Minted Elevated Living

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