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Boxed In

When you are forced to build boundary to boundary and your neighbour is a seven storey building, you have to get creative with it! Designed by our very own David Tomic in conjunction with Roberto Forgione, this precast concrete home use innovative solar passive design principals to ensure the neighbouring buildings to not limit the potential of the beautiful location. Using a mixture of concrete finishes this house will be 100% concrete. 

• Double Storey Voids: High ceilings are one thing, double storey ceilings are another! With double storey ceilings in the main entertaining space, windows from floor to ceiling, and windows that disappear to form balustrades. 

• Nothing but concrete: The client has requested that this house be 100% concrete. Which means we had to get creative with the materials. using a mixture of precast, insitu and off-form concrete we have created a look unlike anything along the street!

• Creative Balconies: Due to the strong winds in the area, an enclosed balcony was a must. By using top hung windows with seamless frames, we have created an enclosed balcony that quickly transforms to a traditional space. 

• STATUS: Under Construction
• ETC: 2025

Designed by: David Tomic and Roberto Forgione


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