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Accessible Luxury

A unique multi-storey home that redefines the traditional floor plan. As the client's forever home, the intention was to create a floor plan that made growing old easy; not only by introducing assessible living standards but by being creative about the floor plan in general. The entry is situtated on a mid-level floor plate, that allows for only 6x steps to the "ground floor" and 6x steps to the "first floor" instead of having a traditional multi-floor staircase. The main entry is actually designed from inside the garage via a lift directly to the heart of the home.

• Unique Floor Plates: mid level allows for minimal stairs between floors and maximum floor space. 

• Landscape Design: rising almost 4.5m from the street to the main door, the front garden had to be designed in such a way to allow for pedestrian access whilst taking advantage of the natural sloping site. 

• Flat Roof: The client loved a previous design and wanted a similar roof line, but due to the location of the build, a concrete roof was not ideal. Thus a light-weight concealed low pitched roof was created. 

• STATUS: Under Construction
• ETC: 2027
• Builder: Real Force

Designed by: David Tomic 


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