Snow Home

You might be thinking it doesn't snow much in Albany, nor will it any time soon, but this client wanted to make sure their cabin in the woods was ready for climate change! We designed and depicted the images surrounded by the wilderness and gave it that winter feel, but keep the 3D video a little more realistic for the current time. 

House x2: The client described their perfect home as the "house from monopoly" so our Project Architect took this quiet literally but with a modern twist, stacking two monopoly homes to create this masterpiece. 

 Family escape: What looks like a normal home is actually two homes in one. The main body of the home is host for the parents and entertaining space, whilst an entirely separate wing at the back, connected by a sky bridge hosts the guests and kids.

 Impressions: With concrete being a focus point, the client wanted to connect back to nature. As a result we imprinted the surrounding trees into the concrete itself!

 STATUS: Currently in design development

• ETC: Late 2022

Designed by: David Tomic (Associate & Project Architect)