Single Hill

A project home doesn't have to look like a project home, nor should it perform like one! This beautiful elevated single storey home was designed on a sloping site, taking advantage of the views and the site. Design to be in a similar price category to that of a standard project home, but to look a million dollars. With passive solar design carefully considered to maximise thermal comfort, the floor plan of this home becomes a paradise for our clients.

Storage without Sacrifice: Elevate design allows for under house storage that doesn't cost a fortune to create.

Project Price: A limited budget doesn't mean a limited elevation, smart design and innovative materials leads to project prices. 

Privacy: Having a master bedroom at the front of the house, on a main street is always challenging and sometimes causes privacy issues. By elevating the design, floating the floor past the windows and screening the personal areas, the master bedroom's contents will disappear from street level. 

• STATUS: Currently at Construction Documentation

• ETC: 2022

Designed by: David Tomic (Associate & Project Architect) in conjunction with Roberto Forgione (Director)