Scarborough Beach Renovation

Scarborough Beach Road is known for its large office spaces and boring layouts. That is the exact problem our client had. A giant warehouse style office that could accommodate hundreds of people, but nobody interested in an outdated design. CBD was engaged to originally renovate the bathrooms only, until the client saw the finished product as requested we continue into the main space!

• Breakout Spaces: In a post COVID world, we have changed the way business is done, however we haven't changed how we as people connect. Tenants continued to advise our client they wanted a more comfortable breakout space where their staff could actually enjoy being at work, rather then just waiting for 5pm. 

 Luxury Bathrooms: The most complained about element of any commercial office is, believe it or not, the bathrooms. Most commercial buildings have outdated bathrooms which you are embarrassed to send clients too. So our client wanted to make a feature out of them. 

• STATUS: Completed by Innerspace Design and Build.

Designed by: David Tomic (Associate & Project Architect)

© Images courtesy of David Tomic