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RAW House

Two very successful people approached us to design a powerful home that would reflect their personalities. This industrial design is our interpretation of their desires.

• 3 Bedroom: A beautiful master bedroom where the clients could wake up to the view of the water and 2 spare bedrooms for the kids to visit.

• 2.5 Bathrooms: 1 bathroom downstairs near the office as this is where the clients still spend a lot of time and an ensuite with powder room upstairs when it's time to entertain.

• Suspended Timber Floors: Due to the difficult construction restrictions of the sloping site and the client's budget, a suspended timber floor allowed us to create cost effectively. 

• Basement Style Storage: Building on a sloping site usually results in wasted space under the house, however as the clients love to kayak and hike, this area was transformed into a functional training space and home for their two beautiful dogs.

• STATUS: Completed.

Designed by: Robert Forgione

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