City West Childcare

Why should we working in breath-taking office spaces and our children grow and develop in sub-par facilities? We believe they shouldn't! Our vision in the heart of Perth will soon see our children learn in an environment better than previously considered the best. A unique combination of modern architecture and nature play will define an entirely new style of childcare to be admired and emulated by the world. 50% of the building will be dedicated to childcare, whilst the remaining 50% will be commercial office space. Just imagine walking into your workplace, dropping your kids off on one side and walking into work on the other. 

Designed by Project Architect David Tomic and Leader Designer Robert Forgione, City West is now in the process of developing a scheme capable of changing childcare as we know it.

• STATUS: Sketch Design

• EST: 2025

Designed by: David Tomic (Project Architect) and Robert Forgione (Lead Designer)