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You would already know that the Swan Valley is wine country. What you wouldn't know is that it is also home to the largest Jarrah Honey Farms in WA. Soon it will become home to the largest tourism destination in WA.

• Oh BEE: As you enter the property you are greeted with a two storey bee shaped green house, which will soon become the heart of the entire development. With a unique greenhouse design it has been designed to facility romantic picnics and even weddings. 

• Production on site: The bees will be the star of the show, producing some of the best Jarrah honey in the world, inside a brand new, state-of-the-art facility, with multiple restaurants, kitchens, dining facilities and production labs. 

• To bee or not to bee: Alongside the main facility and the greenhouse, a series of chalets will also wrap around the boundaries of the property. Allowing guests who have travelled from far and wide to rest and record in luxury. 

• STATUS: Early Planning and Design Development

Designed by: Robert Forgione (Lead Designer) & Jelena Glusac (Grad. of Architecture)